I'm sure a lot of you purchased Kuryakyn Highway Boards so you could change your position on the road, stretch out and relax. However, if your experience mirrored that of many other riders you found the your really could not stretch out.

Let's take a look at the problem. If you are a taller rider, 5'10" or over, then you probably find the 6" arms that ship with the Kuryakyn highway boards don't allow you stretch out your legs at all.

As you can see by the animation below with the standard 6" arms the knee is pushed higher, making the hip angle tighter (not looser) and while the angle of the knee is a little more relaxed, it is still not comfortable.


If you then purchased the optional 4" arms hoping for relief, you were probably disappointed again. The problem is that the 4" arms offer very little change in leg position from the 6" arms. In the animation below it's actually hard to see the difference between the 6" and 4" arms.


That is because the 4" arms are really only 1.25" shorter than the 6" arms, not 2" like you'd expect. (6-4=1.25???) I guess that's New Math at work.


So here is the solution, Highway Comfort Arms. They are significantly shorter than both the 6" and 4" arms.


Highway Comfort Arms are 3.25" shorter than 6" arms, and a full 2" shorter than the 4" arms.


In addition Highway Comfort Arms provide a unique 1.5" flare to move your legs away from the bike fairing and engine exhaust.


You can see below that Highway Comfort Arms provide much more room for the legs. You'll see that the hip angle opens up quite a bit with the standard HCA (Highway Comfort Arms) positioned to the rear, and a huge change when positioned to the front. And the knee goes from nearly 90° to nearly straight using the HCAs in the forward position.

  • 6" arms
  • 4" arms
  • Highway Comfort Arms
  • Highway Comfort Arms in forward position

Yes, Highway Comfort Arms are short enough that you can actually turn them forward and use them, unlike the 4 and 6 inch arms that stick way too far forward when flipped around. In fact the HCAs were specifically designed to allow you to use all the positions afforded by the Kuryakyn mount.


If you are interested in Highway Comfort Arms vist us on IndieGoGo and make a pledge to support the project and get a set of arms for ride.