• Q: What happens to my money if you don't raise enough money?
  • A: Nothing. You are ONLY charged WHEN the project Successfully funds

It has been brought to my attention that many of you don't have a clear picture of what Kickstarter and Indiegogo are and how they work.

Both are Crowd Funding platforms, they allow people, like myself, to come up with an idea/product, present it to the public and get funding to make the product a reality. I choose Indiegogo because they accept funding from all over the world, whereas Kickstarter restricts it participants to certain countries.

In the old days I would have gone to the bank, presented a business plan, and hopefully received a loan to build Highway Comfort Arms, then I'd go out and build the arms and then have to turn around and sell them... all so I could pay back the bank loan plus interest meaning you'd have to pay more for the product.

With Indiegogo, individuals like yourself can look at a product and say "Hey, I'd like a set of those and commit to pay $49... and if 424 other riders decide to commit to this project it succeeds and we build the arms and all the people who committed get a set.

If only 410 riders commit, then the project fails to fund, You pay nothing...and get nothing.

The bottom line is:

  • If you want a set you must commit on the Indiegogo site to buy a pair of HCA for $47
  • You will NOT be charged unless the project reaches it's goal (fully funds)
  • If the project reaches its goal, then it will fund (you will be charged), and we will build the Highway Comfort Arms and ship them to you.

  • If not enough people want the HCAs the project dies, and it cost you nothing
  • Also, understand that we will only make a few extra sets of arms than the number of people who commit to the project, we are not starting a business selling these.

So click below to commit to help Highway Comfort Arms become a success!